How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Silver Necklace for a Christmas Gift

You do not really need a crash course on selecting the perfect necklet for your man on Christmas. There are just a few things that have to be kept in mind and that involves making the right selection regarding length, quality, and width. There are many of the metal alternatives out there and even dozens of popular design patterns of the chain. When a man wears jewelry, it helps in expressing their sense of fashion, has an aspect of them revealed and shows individuality. This ranges from sophisticated chains to simple designs that are sure to send your head into a tizzy. Here are ways you can choose the perfect one as a gift.

The length

Length of a Men’s silver necklace is usually defined as the one up till the opposite end of the necklet from the clasp. The first consideration in choosing the right one is to make a decision on the length. This has got to do with the style of the wearer. If they are planning to wear it over or under the shirt hence the final length you select shall help them decide. If you are buying an eighteen inches necklet then it is more like a choker which extends slightly below Adam’s apple. This particular size is suited for adolescents. If you are planning to buy a twenty inches to twenty-four inches one then the minimum size shall reach the clavicle bone and the maximum one will extend up to the sternum. The last size available is thirty inches that include thirty inches which are the standard longest size. Hence, choose the best size keeping these pointers in mind.

The width

Another biggest determinant of Men’s silver necklace, right after length is the width. The best way to measure the width is by simply laying it on the ruler. Count tick marks present in millimeters. You should keep in mind that wider necklaces are always visible from a distance and are also more noticeable hence you must ask as to what kind is the person going to prefer. A necklace with one to two millimeters is the tin spaghetti strand of chain and the one that measures about five to six millimeters is wide as a pencil.


There are various kinds of metals available for necklets and you can select the one that matches your aesthetics. There is white gold, gold, sterling silver, titanium, palladium and all the like. You must always buy it from reputable websites so that you do not have to compromise on their quality at all. Sometimes, jewelry that does not have purity standard in metals cause allergies on skin hence make sure you purchase metals that are hypoallergenic. A stainless steel one or a sterling silver one suits best for all skin types as they are skin-friendly.


There a wide variety of styles that have various widths, lengths and are made of different kind of metals. The style factor is significant because everyone has a distinct taste. Thus, select from a broad collection of rope chains, box chains, curb, Figaro, Byzantine, herringbone, popcorn and wheat links to make the perfect gift. These tips shall help you choose the best and keeping affordability in mind add jewelry to your shopping cart.

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