How To Make Your Silver Couple Rings Extra Special

Ring holds lots of meaning when they are exchanged. If you are a couple then you might want to consider getting couple rings. They are rings which are designed the same and are similar with the only difference being the size. These rings seem to make the bond even more solid between partners and silver ones are most popular.

Why silver?

To begin with silver is brilliantly white yet affordable compared to platinum and gold. Your silver couple rings will cost you less and still make very beautiful pieces on your fingers. The price makes it even easier for you to customize the rings to make the extra special to you

Apart from the value of silver, it is also a very durable metal. As long as you have it polished now and then, you can be sure your rings will serve you for years to come. Professional jewelers can also make small repairs on the ring surface to keep them looking as good as new.

Silver is easy to work with and this means that you can get rings in all kinds of designs. It is a metal that is artistry and besides the couple rings you can find other pieces that freshen your jewelry collection in an amazing way.

Making your couple rings extra special

If you have selected silver as the perfect metal for your couple rings, you now have the chance to make them extra special for you and your partner. There are of course ready-made rings that you can always choose from especially when you do not have the luxury of time. But if you can spare a little more time, you can have special rings designed just for you and your partner using the following simple tips.

Special messages – One of the simplest ways of making silver couple rings special is by having them engraved with special messages for your partner and vice versa. You can choose words or short phrases to express your undying love or to make a promise or pledge to your partner. They will love reading the messages on their rings every time they look down on them.

Names – The other simple method of making the rings a little more special is by having your names engraved on them. Of course your name should be on your partner’s ring and yours on theirs. You can opt for plain names or have them accompanied by images like hearts; you can be as creative as you wish for them to be.

Fingerprints – They have become very popular on rings and you can make your rings special by having your fingerprints imprinted on them. It is more like putting a seal on your partner that they belong only to you and you to them and is a very creative way of making a promise. If you feel the prints overwhelm the ring when done on the top surface, then you can consider having them done on the inner surface of the rings.

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