Eye It Up! Tips & Tricks to Applying Mascara Perfectly

In a world full of eyeliners and kajals, be a mascara! A mascara is literally like that person in a group project who does all the work but is hardly given much credit. Mascaras, even when not complemented by eyeliners or kajals, do lend your eyes an edgy touch. And there’s a reason why mascaras are considered a makeup staple, because just a few swipes of that intense formula can take your eye makeup look from 0 to 100! Trust us, we understand the hassle of applying mascara, and the ordeal that follows while application. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be a makeup artist to ace its application. You can achieve that WOW look all on your own with the help of your trusty mascara wand. So, if you’re looking forward to become a pro at applying mascara, but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help! Prepare for a lash lift! 1. Prep your eyes You know the saying, right, “let your eyes do the talking”, sometimes your eyes do also need some TLC. The most important thing to do before any eye mascara application is applying some eyeliner on the upper lash line. This helps elevate your mascara even more. Follow it up with a mascara primer to get those lashes ready for some real action. 2. Curl em’ up! This step is the most integral part for a fail- proof mascara application. An eyelash curler lengthens, lifts and curls your lashes, thereby creating a show-stopper look and delivering beautifully curled lashes. Once curled, it becomes easier for your mascara to evenly coat each lash from root to tip, thus letting you achieve a falsies lash look without weighing them down. **Pro tips on using a lash curler! While many women dread this little tool, with the correct usage, it can impart a dramatic change to the way your eyelashes look. Check out these simple steps on how to use the eye curler efficiently: Begin by holding the eyelash curler up to your eye With your eyes open, open the clamp of the curler Gently place your lashes between the opened clamp Get closest to your eyelash without pinching your eyelids Close the clamp on your eyelash and hold it for a few seconds. Gradually, move outwards, repeating outwards repeating once in the middle and once at the tip of your eyelashes. Hold the curler no more than 2-3 seconds each time and ta-da! You have the perfect eyelashes curled up for mascara application. 3. Tend to your upper lashes Now it’s time for application. Twist open to reveal the wand of your eye mascara, but be careful to not pump the wand in and out multiple times. Doing this will only allow more air to enter the bottle, leaving your mascara formula heavy and clumpy. Instead, twist out the wand in a single go and wipe off the extra mascara on the edge of the bottle opening. Now, starting with the root of your eyelashes, wiggle the wand outwards in a zig-zag motion till the tip of your eyelashes. 4. Next up – lower lashes! Did you think mascara is only for your upper lashes? Wait till you apply it on your lower lashes, and see your whole eye makeup elevate! Begin by placing a tissue paper on your under eye area to prevent smudges or transfer of formula onto your face makeup. Starting with the middle lash, go to the corner of your eye and in a similar zig-zag motion, coat your lashes. Pro tip: If you are a newbie, this tip will help you perfect the delicate lower eyelash application. Tilt your head forwards and look straight into the mirror. Now holding the brush horizontally, coat each lash till you cover them all. In case you want to re-apply your mascara at the end of the day, avoid layering up your eyelashes again. Instead use your eyelash curler. And most importantly, don’t forget to remove your mascara at the end of the day using a gentle micellar water or makeup removing liquid. Now with the basics covered, here are a few winning hacks to achieve luscious and fuller eyelashes. Use a business card or a spoon Place a spoon or business card behind the lashes while you apply the mascara. This little hack would prevent the dreaded clumps and smudges, besides keeping your eyeshadow intact. Powder the coat Brush the lashes with a little translucent powder between the two mascara coats. Voila! Your lashes are luscious, thicker and ready to slay. 180 degree turn Hold the brush 180 degrees upright and press lightly to cover those tiny hair on the lower lash. Now the lower lash looks flawless with even the smallest hair covered and pampered. Use a thin lip brush If holding the wand is not cutting in either ways, bring in a thin lip brush. Borrow the formula from the wand and swipe on the lower lashes for a smooth and smudge free coat. Find the right mascara Your eye lashes are unique as you are and there is no one size fit formula for all. Be clear what you need from your magic wand- length, curl, thickness or a dramatic dose of volume. The beauty market is loaded with options, so make a pick wisely for desired effect. Have this beauty ready in your eye makeup kit always! Now that you have nailed the art of mascara application, you can up your eye mascara game like never before. Be ready to slay them all and create magic with those eyes.

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