The Best Way to Use Body Lotion, Face Tonic, Face Cream, Body Oil, Face Serum

The vast majority of cosmetics are not natural. Of course, there are commercial cosmetics that contain preservatives and we can never call it natural. All creams, tonics, lotions, serums and oils based on natural materials such as unrefined vegetable oils, pure hydrolates, chemotyped essential oils, natural emulsifiers are considered natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics should not contain preservatives. But the fact is that nature simply does not produce the types of chemicals that work best to solve the problems that cosmetics need to solve. There are few surface-active cleaners. There are also not many natural emulsifiers. Even most of the natural dyes that exist in nature are not usable because they are contaminated with dangerous heavy metals. Every brand strives to improve their products and make them as natural as possible. Below we bring you some of the products that are inevitable if you want to say goodbye to aging skin. Body lotion High on the list of “unpleasant things” is narrow and dry skin, a condition that is becoming too common for many of us. Many apply body lotions after showering as an inevitable ritual to further hydrate the skin. Daily showering, cold and dry air take away our skin’s moisture. The best friend for your skin at the moment is body lotion. How to find a body lotion to care for your body? Do you use a light or firming lotion? Or maybe some body cream is better? Some research by American dermatologists has shown that a moisturizing body cream or body oil has a better effect. But that doesn’t mean body lotion isn’t good for your skin especially for people who have dry skin. Face tonic You should use a face tonic twice a day. And that once in the morning and once in the evening. Fill a pair of cotton pads with tonic and gently wipe the entire face. Apply the tonic directly to your face with your fingertips, tapping it lightly until it is completely absorbed. Apply the face tonic after cleansing the face and before applying the face serum or one of the face creams. Always use it after cleansing your face. After that, apply one of the face creams or face serums Face cream Moisturizing and light face cream protects your face from premature aging, and also smells nice. Immortella face cream restores dry, dehydrated skin. Face cream is certainly the most important preparation that leads to beautiful skin. Without a good cream, there is no nourished skin. The face cream will vary depending on the time of year or the special needs of your skin at any given time. Body oil While most people put all their effort into maintaining a hydrated face, other parts of your body require care as well. For this you first of all need a good body oil. Forget about very greasy body oil. A new era of luxury skin care products has arrived. It is normal to associate dry skin with winter. Unfortunately, people with truly cracked skin know that this can happen 365 days a year. Body oil is the main trump card for people whose cracked skin is a serious problem throughout the year due to the way it moisturizes. Instead of some thick cream that simply sits on top of the skin, body oil penetrates and is absorbed easily because it is much lighter. Body oil also has the added benefit of mimicking the body’s protective layer. Body oil helps protect the skin more naturally from dehydration. Face serum The biggest difference between face serum and face cream is in their composition. Creams are based on natural oils and serums are mostly water based. Face serums also contain a higher concentration of active substances. They penetrate deeply into the skin and thus ensure better absorption of essential elements. To prevent visible signs of aging of the facial skin, it is best to use serums that will restore collagen production. Serums that contain peptides will help you the most. The serum is a skin care product that you can apply to the skin after cleansing. Serum is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deep into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting certain skin care issues, such as wrinkles.

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