Tips To Getting The Most Of Your Black Mascara

Despite the different kinds and colors of mascara, black waterproof mascara still rules all make-up styles. As mascara is essentially black in color, you will need to have black waterproof mascara in your makeup kit. Black mascara is one of the beauty essentials that is owned by almost every woman. But are you wearing it the right way? Not sure? No worries! Today, we are going to help you with some tried and tested tips on how to use your black mascara the right way. This can be your go-to guide in moments when you’re running out of time and want to slay, or stuck with some makeup disaster and have no idea how to deal with it. Just give a read to this blog & get ready to amaze with your magic wand (P.S.-you can thank us later). It’s Never Too Much The usual coating is not enough. Once you’ve applied it on the front side, carefully coat the backside of your eyelashes as well. It adds an instant thickening effect. Flick your wrist a little when you reach your eyelash’s end to give that beautiful curl. If you want a little more curl & volume, you can follow this up with another coat on the front side. That Extra Volume Take some translucent or baby powder to dust your eyelashes. You can use a small eyeshadow brush for this purpose. This process allows your mascara to cling to your eyelashes and makes them look even thicker and beautiful in the process. Stiff Wand? No! One of the craziest but useful tips shared by almost every other makeup artist is to bend your black mascara wand. You do not need to snap it, but just give it a little bend so that it can easily reach the inner & outer eye areas. Follow the Line To create the eyeliner illusion, you must wiggle your mascara a little near your eyelid to achieve that clump. This also makes your eyelashes fuller. You can also use your mascara as an eyeliner by dipping your brush into the mascara tube and applying it along the line; it defines your eye well. Got Clumps on Lashes? Let’s De-clump Struggling with extra thick & clumped eyelashes? This can happen when you’ve applied a lot of mascara or not applied it properly. You do not need to remove all your makeup & start from scratch to correct it. Simply take a toothbrush and comb your lashes a little & get rid of those spider eyelashes. Simply Twirl, Not Pump It might be a very unconscious & daily habit of pumping your wand into the tube to get some more mascara. But this is not a good habit as it forces bubbles into your product and can result in a poor application. Instead, you should gently twirl your mascara wind before taking it out from the tube. This way, it brings along sufficient mascara for use once. Thick Black Mascara? Toast it Is your favorite black mascara troubling you with clumps? Do not worry, a little toast can do wonders. How? Tightly close the cap of your mascara and place your tune into a glass of warm water. In case your wand is already more than three months old, it’s better to replace it instead. Love for Cocktails Love whipping up cocktails? Why not do it with your black mascara? A little experiment is never harmful. You can mix-match some of your favorite formulas because sometimes the perfect needs more than your wand. You can layer it with different types of mascaras or mix some formulas, for instance, a lash elongating mascara with one that adds volume. This way, you can get both the features at once and slay with lovely lashes. Hope these tips were helpful. For more beauty hacks, stay tuned.

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