Why Makeup Brands Love Typography Logos?

Are you starting your own makeup cosmetic line soon? Bravo! Your first intention would be to have a brilliant cosmetics logo for your business representation, right? So, what have you decide? Typography or abstract makeup logo? And by now, you’d have noticed a monopoly of typography logos that are considered a darling of makeup brands. But why such favoritism for typography logos and sheer negligence towards other logo types? All your confusions, regarding makeup brand’s love for typography logos, are answered below. So, read on and discover why you must consider them, too! Meaning There are other, fantastic, types of logo but typography rules the cosmetic industry from many years and there’s a valid reason for that. Typography makes brand translation easy for an eager buyer who wants to own a trendy, or most popular, makeup brand. Look at the prime examples of Dior, Revlon, and even the all-time favorite Olay and how they stick to typography logos, only. It is because they find it easy to communicate their brand name via words than mere abstractive logo approach. Plus, a logo that only has an object might confuse the consumer during the sale cycle. But when you specify a product with its name and confirm it via a typography logo, you won’t purchase a copy. And that’s a prime reason why a beauty logo is usually designed in typography. Mood Another reason why cosmetic brands love, and prefer, a typography logo when planning their branding strategy is that it helps them in setting the mood of the brand. There are many fonts that serve a variable purpose when incorporating in the design and typography logos become the first choice of makeup brands in this quest. Every brand wants to tone its products to match a certain mood and they seek font’s help in doing so. Take Maybelline’s example and how it added elegance into its product’s look and feel and you’ll understand the core usage of typography into its cosmetic logo. If your branding strategy revolves around setting a certain mood of your cosmetic products, you must go for typography for your makeup logo, too. Perception One of the prime reasons that cosmetic brands love using typography logos is that they want to communicate via their logo about their business values. They want to display the element of elegance, beauty and trust in their product’s packaging where the logo plays an important role. As stated above, the beauty logo, having typography, can communicate different emotions that set the perception of the brand amongst the consumers. To serve this purpose, they choose specific fonts that go with their values and the kind of emotions they want their customers to feel while using their products. Second, the color selection adds volume to their font choice to achieve the desired perception of the product. Flexibility The prime function of, any, logo is to make the brand memorable and recognizable. Since the makeup brands use black, white or transparent bottles and tubes for packing purposes, an abstract logo might not be the right choice for them. This is because there is a high chance that the abstractive logo looks more like a stain on the bottle in a tiny size. But the typography logo is expendable in every place and can fulfill the recognition purposes very elegantly. Which is why brands, makeup brands, prefer using typography logos over other logo types when marketing their cosmetic products. So, if your intention is to market, well, your cosmetic products then you can take advantage of typography logos and enter in the list of famous makeup brands, too. Comment below and let us know what type of logo have you been using to promote your makeup products and why?

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