Features of Dome Camera Outdoor & Indoor Security Surveillance

Many people don’t know about the variety of different types of CCTV surveillance cameras which are specially designed to suit different situations or premises, and that choosing and purchasing the proper camera for the right application is vital as well as crucial. 4G Dome smart cameras plays a huge part as a security measure in today’s society, and with security cameras deployed all around us, our day-to-day lives are experiencing much higher levels of security 24/7 each day. Dome security cameras are one such type of security camera that is an ideal choice and best suitable for monitoring both indoor and outdoor premises. Easy to install and use, thereby saves your installation costs. Real-time monitoring can be done anytime and from anywhere with the help of a mobile application. The 4G Dome cameras even save consumers bandwidth costs due to their usage of video compression and low bandwidth aggregation algorithm. Dome security cameras are easily recognizable to every individual because of their circular and dome-like encasing. Dome surveillance cameras are a highly versatile type of security system as they can be used for both indoor and outdoor monitoring, providing unparalleled 24/7 coverage for nearly any use case whether office or home premises. Most dome security cameras nowadays come with a vandal-proof robust dome encasing, IR integrated for night vision, and a sturdy metal or alloy base to protect it from any kind of vandalism or tampering, making it an ideal security solution for reliable and efficient surveillance in rugged conditions. The dome camera is most commonly used for both indoor and outdoor security and surveillance. Due to the shape of the camera, it makes it difficult for onlookers and intruders to tell which way the camera is exactly facing, which is a strong and great piece of design or style, deterring criminals or any malicious activities by creating an air of uncertainty. Key benefits of dome security surveillance camera- Vandal Resistant: If cameras are deployed in areas that are highly susceptible to any kind of tampering or vandalism, it’s always recommended and wise to choose vandal-proof dome cameras. Dome cameras are often difficult to be tampered with because of their complete enclosure and also require special tools to dismantle. Weatherproof & Waterproof: Many advanced outdoor dome cameras are designed and manufactured to be weatherproof and water-resistant, so monitoring is ongoing despite any harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Sleek Design: In addition to its sleek design and an all-around capable and versatile nature, dome cameras also don’t even require any additional lens attachments, making it an ideal and most reliable solution for businesses or workplaces looking to scale the entire coverage rapidly with ease. High Resolution: Depending on the design and range of the dome security camera, resolution may vary from one another, however, most manufacturers and service providers offer dome cameras with fairly good and high resolution. Many modern security surveillance solutions offer dome cameras with a 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixel) sensor. Distinct Positioning: Because of the encasing of the dome camera, it may be hard for onlookers and intruders to determine the exact direction of the camera lens from a distance. This makes it difficult for intruders or suspicious individuals to foresee which areas are under surveillance without getting nearby to the deployed camera itself, making it an effective and efficient deterrent for crimes and vandalism. Auto Night Vision: Almost dome security cameras in recent times are equipped with infrared (IR) illuminators and also a progressive CMOS sensor. This combination together enables unparalleled and better low-light camera performance for up to ranges of 30 meters or more than this, for both indoor and outdoor premise monitoring.

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