What’s So Great About Pink Himalayan Salt?

What Made Me Decide To Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Over the last few years, probably since turning 34/35, I started taking notice of social media posts about natural remedies and such like. I’d never seen Himalayan salt lamps before (although I was using pink salt for cooking) and found them stunning, as well as unique, quirky even, but I was also very interested in the health benefits side of using a Himalayan salt lamp in your home. (Living room and bedroom in my home)

… And so, I first bought a large Himalayan Salt Lamp for the living room and aside from its stunning and unique look, plus a talking feature because everyone that has visited since the time I got the salt lamp, it is always noticed and they really like it.

That’s even when it is not switched on! The actual benefits / health that a salt lamp is known to offer; is good for our home; is that it reduces the amount of dust, so that is a bonus for whoever is assigned household chore of dusting!

But not just that, the ‘knock-on’ effect is that salt lamps could; I say ‘could’ only because no actual scientific studies have been done. However, many believe, as do I very much so, that this wonderful looking piece from the Himalaya, does effectively ‘clean the air’ of what is called ‘Electromagnetic Radiation’, as well as reducing dust particles and any other unnoticeable ‘bits’ of whatever are floating about in the air, which are NOT good for us or our respiratory airways.

Therefore, if you are a sufferer of asthma or any other ailment that is affecting your breathing, then I absolutely URGE you; (I’m sorry, I just have to use capital letters for the word urge… I’m that passionate about this wonderful natural product)… so I do really recommend salt lamps to anyone and everyone that I ever meet and somehow find I’m having a relevant topic of conversation! I also always recommend using Pink Himalayan Salt in place of table salt..(Although, most of my friends / associates are pretty up on this too already!).

Pink Himalayan Salt For Cooking and Serving?

Another plus to HS is when it comes in the form of blocks. Square, round etc and it can both be heated up to high temperatures as well as put in the freezer, for use when serving up something cold like a salad.

Pulling a block of natural pink Himalayan salt, which is hot hot and presenting this at the dinner table with friends, will definitely be a talking point. You can then all sit together chatting, whilst cooking your pieces of meat or fish for example.. how cool is that?

Pink Himalayan Salt For Using As A Facial Scrub?

Only in the last couple of weeks did I decide to do my own experiment using pink Himalayan salt to exfoliate the skin on my face, instead of the usual manufactured, shop bought stuff.

Obviously there’s no results yet, although it always feels fantastically smooth and lovely after having massaged it into my skin. I get a small tub and do a gentle, circular massage around my face 3 x a week, whilst in the bath and I use rapeseed carrier oil, as well as a couple of drops of essential oil (100% pure only).

I am making an educated guess or assumption, that the fact that Himalayan salt contains up to 84 trace minerals, exact to what our own bodies require, then surely it can only be beneficial to use on the skin.

There are other talking points about Himalayan salt, but I feel that’s for another day. So what IS so great about Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps… I’d say plenty. Salt Lamps don’t just look good! Salt lamps are a superb gift idea for that friend or family member that suffers with breathing and then sleeping is another health benefit the lamps are said to provide.

There is quite a bit more I’d love to ‘discuss’ about this magical natural product from Mother Earth, so I’ll wrap it up now and save the rest for another article day!

To Your Health, Claire

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