May – The Emerald Month

“Transformation, Punch, and Individuality: One or all of the above is why you should wear Jewelry” – Iris Apfel. This holds so true when you want to wear something which truly represents yourself. It is really amazing when you wear your birthstone as it is made right for you. It is like a gift of God. Let’s talk about May! As the title reads, you’ve already got to know your birthstone if May is the month when you were born.

A close look at Emeralds

Emeralds are the perfect gemstone for the month of May. It’s vivid color, richness and radiating beauty are reminiscent of spring. The rich color and gorgeous green allure is the reason it is loved as a strong contender for stud earrings, designer pendants and engagement rings since ages and the trend still continues.

It keeps the wearer calm and healthy. It signifies love and indicates that you’re a peace-loving person. You’re usually very romantic and affectionate towards your lover. Wisdom, growth, and patience are cleverly represented by emeralds.

Fascinating Facts of Enchanting Emeralds

  1. Emeralds are the member of rarest gemstone family. They are even harder to find when compared to diamonds.
  2. They belong to the Beryl family, the same mineral family where aquamarines belong.
  3. You have always seen emeralds as green but they too come in a variety of shades like deep green to faint and opaque. The family stones which are deemed too pale are classified as ‘Green Beryls’.
  4. The color itself determines its preciousness. The deeper the color, the more valuable the gemstone is. The most valuable ones are noted to be vivid green and bluish one.
  5. ‘Don’t regret to possess imperfections, you are beautiful and precious in the way you are’ proves emeralds. Emeralds get more valuable if they possess imperfections, not like diamonds which drop its value if possess imperfections. Emeralds have internal features called inclusions which create an appealing pattern, thus increasing stone’s value.
  6. Emeralds are large in size than diamonds. While comparing 2 carats Emerald with 2-carat diamond, you will find emeralds to be bigger in size than diamonds. This is because of the dense composition of gemstones.
  7. The clarity of emeralds can be evaluated with a naked eye, unlike diamonds which are evaluated under 10 x magnifications.
  8. Emeralds symbolize royalty and romance and have been chosen by royals for centuries.
  9. They are also a symbol of eternal youth. It has been found with pyramids that mummies were buried with emeralds around the neck believing their eternity of youth.
  10. Emeralds are also believed to possess mythical powers. It gives the ability of foresight and the strength to get protection against evil. In ancient times, it was also believed that it cures malaria and cholera.

By the time you have enjoyed reading the facts about your birthstone, you would love to know the difference between the naturally derived gemstones and lab-created ones. It is not to be mentioned that naturally occurring emeralds are hard to achieve and hence we find designer diamond jewelry often studded with lab-created stones resembling the real gemstones.

An Amazing Gift Idea

Why wait for anyone to get your birthstone to you when you can pamper yourself with an emerald-studded jewelry? You can definitely think like this and get some smiles invested as your favorite diamond rings embellished with the gemstone or diamond pendant set which can be shopped from affordable to a luxurious range, whichever fits your budget.

Gifting emeralds is also a great idea when someone close to your heart has a birthday in the same month. Why only think of birthdays? As they brilliantly pair with diamonds, their presence makes the trinket look heavenly. Also, you get to choose from a variety of shapes like pear, oval and more. This means you have a lot of amazing reasons to buy them!

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