How Should Steel Toe Boots Fit?

If you are looking for some steel-toe boots, you should know how they fit on the feet because boots that are wider than your feet lead to an uncomfortable experience that your feet keep on slipping inside them. On the other hand, if they are too tight, they may cause extreme pain by squeezing your feet. That’s why you should get boots that are true to your feet’ size. I will share some tips that you have to keep in mind while selecting steel toe boots for yourself, as they will help you get the perfect fitting of boots. Size This is the first step that applies to all kinds of boots. You should know your feet size and select boots accordingly. Boots usually come in a US size range of 7-14 for men and 5 to 11 for women. After that, check the fitting manually. So, wear them with socks and look for the following thing in them. Toe box The toe box shouldn’t be too tight that you are unable to wiggle your toes in them. For this purpose, wear the boots and tie the laces. Now wiggle your toes. If you can easily wiggle them, it means the toe box has enough space. If you can’t wiggle your toes, it means the toe area is not suitable for you as it is too tight. The space is necessary because our feet swell after wearing them for the entire day. Extra space is needed to help toes in breathing. The back area of the boots The back area of the boots shouldn’t be too loose nor too tight. There should be approximately 0.13 inches of space between your heel and the back area of boots. You can check this space by inserting your finger in it. If, after wearing, you can insert one finger between your heel and the back area of the boots, it means there is good space. If you can’t insert your finger, it means they are too tight, and you should look for one number bigger. If you can insert two fingers between them, it means boots are too loose, and you should look for one number smaller. Check the width A lot of people ignore this part while checking the fitting of boots, but they should know every person has different feet’ width. If the boots are perfect from the heel and toe area, it doesn’t mean they will be perfect on the width area as well. Some people have wide widths, and some have narrow. The average width size of men is 4 inches, and the women have 3.5 inches. You can measure your feet’ exact width size by wrapping the measuring tape around your bunion joint. Same size boots come in two categories wide and normal. If you have wide feet, then you should definitely go for wide boots and if you have normal feet’ width, then go for normal ones. If you have wide feet and found the right boots’ size but with the narrow fitting, and you are unable to find the wide boots, you can widen your boots at home. Check the size for both feet You may shock to hear it, but most people have two different-sized feet. However, the difference is not huge. They may have one foot a little wide or long than the other foot. In this condition, you should choose the boot that is perfect for your bigger foot, as you can put a heel insert to get the fitting of your other foot. If both feet are of same size, then there you don’t need to add anything. Walk Once you are completely satisfied with all the above factors, take a small walk wearing those boots. If you have no problem while walking and feeling totally comfortable, it means they are perfect for your feet. If your feet are slipping inside the boots, it means boots are bigger than your feet.

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