Men and Formal Shoes

With the increase in the globalization of businesses and the industrial sector, various changes have been observed in the buying behaviours of people. One of the major changes that India has gone through is professionalism. Whether it’s in their behaviour, work environment or in their dress ups, globalisation of the industrial sector has increased the standards of people, and it is nothing but a good thing. One such sector that has observed this trend is that of Apparel & Footwear, especially the Formal dress up line, which includes shoes and clothes as well. In today’s time, ‘Formal’ is a very powerful word, it has become your identity, people trust people in formals. Basically formals enhance your personality. According to a survey done in 2019, 80% men loved to wear formals, 15% loved semi formals and just 5% who wanted casuals in their offices. So this is a very positive thing for formal footwear that is happening in the professional environment. A very famous saying is, ‘Happy employees are productive employees.’ With a surge in demand for ‘formals’, there has also been a surge in the businesses related to manufacturing of formals. Consequently, the manufacturing as well as retail of formals has increased and a very interesting fact to note here is that more than clothes, the demand for leather shoes has increased. If we look at the statistics of the market from the year 2015 to 2021, an appreciable growth is evident in the industry of formal leather shoes. The comfort of wearing premium formal shoes is unmatchable and it also gives an extreme boost in confidence. A major reason behind genuine leather shoes being more in demand is the impeccable comfort that is given to the feet. When people have to work for long hours, they prefer to wear shoes that would keep their feet at comfort. For this sole purpose, there is nothing more comfortable and suitable than stylish leather office shoes. There is a physiological saying regarding shoes, which goes- “Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. So wear nice shoes.” This saying is very rational. In a work environment, it is very important to create a professional impression by wearing genuine leather formal shoes. The nice the Formals are the more confident the profession will be. Just imagine the confidence when the person wearing it knows that these a geuine and handcrafted leather shoes moreover people watching him will also feel the difference. So this is a Win-Win situation. It is surprising to know that given the quality and comfort provided by leather shoes, a lot of people are not aware about such footwear. In a survey done by Zoom Shoes in the year 2020 in India, there were just 35% men who knew that there are various types of stylish leather shoes available, the rest thought there is only one type of style available. Let’s take a look at the different styles of leather shoes: Oxfords Monk Shoes Derbies Loafers Opera Shoes Brogues Moccasins Each above mentioned design can be finished in any preferred color, given the right finish techniques and technology is available. Some famous shades in genuine leather shoes are : Black Brown Tan Cherry With the addition of these colors in the formal shoes a new level of style and class is introduced in the market now. People are wholeheartedly accepting these colors. Few years back genuine leather shoes only meant black colored formal shoes but not any more. This is such happy news for men because now they have ample options to wear in formals and match them up. So a saying that suits men in this scenario is ‘In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic gentleman.’

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