Winter Season – Clog Boots Season

Legend says that there is a perfect pair of winter boots for everyone out there. But have you ever consider that your dream winter boots can be clogs boots? Yes, winter clogs exist, and they’re just as comfy and versatile as their summery, sandal counterparts. Whether you’re partying or staying close to the fireplace this winter, consider durable, comfy clog boots or warm shearling clog boots as your possible go-to. Swedish clog boots bring out the best from both traditional clog craftsmanship and Nordic design. Swedish clog brands are still producing handmade classics in materials both traditional and new – Alderwood blocks (that have been used for wooden bases for centuries) are matched with the best quality leathers and shearling that are still stitched and stapled by hand. The natural properties of the wood ensure no wooden bottom looks quite the same. A small imperfection and pattern in the wood will make each pair of clog bottoms quite unique, as well as your fashion statement. Also, alder wood and lime wood because of their excellent moisture absorption properties will keep your feet comfy and dry throughout the day. Add to that metallic, nubuck, waxy, shiny or vegan leathers, staples, crisscrossing straps, silver and gold buckles, laces, or an edgy platform base, and you’ll get contemporary cool clog boot twist. Although these all-natural hand-made wooden clog boots aren’t always flashy, their natural leather upper is pleasingly soft and their comfy wooden heel is a treat to walk on, even on a cold day. Making wooden clogs is a long process that starts with sawing logs into planks, goes on with different milling operations, attaching soles, and finally polishing wooden bottoms until they are ready to become a clog. Depending on the clog boot style, the uppers are lasted before or after cobbler nail them onto the wood. Before lasting, the leather uppers are conditioned to make them flexible and ready to take on the shape of the last. It worth mentioning that the whole process is still done by hands and on old-school cobbler machines and tools. When we talk about the style, black, cognac, or grey soft leather and suede are real classics, nicely complementing the favorite woolen turtleneck, high waist trousers, or vintage jeans. Colorful dress, short skirt or warm tights as well. In short, wooden clog boots are just the right thing to throw on for a casual winter dinner or a short walk on a brisk day. For an extra cozy and warm moment, there are always shearling boots on low, mid or even high heel. Clog boots are original yet versatile enough to match different outfits, no matter how old you are or how much you care for the fashion. Also, Swedish clog boots are the ultimate statement shoes that have a minimalist style that will fit in from Japan to Europe to anywhere in between. Take a look at the iconic Chelsea boots. A long-time fashion staple, Chelsea boots in its clogs version add a cool twist to the piece’s classic silhouette. They can adapt to any look- trousers and sweaters, blouses and bombers, dresses and tights. In short, clog boots blend classic styling with excellent materials and Swedish craftsmanship. Shearling clog boots, mid-heel boots, classic comfy boots, wooden clog boots with laces – just name it and there is a pair for you somewhere in the brave new clog-world. A world waiting to be discovered by shoe enthusiasts. If you are among them, try out some bright and playful Swedish wooden clog boots online, and channel that casual, effortlessly chic, and unexpected style.

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