Basic Features of a Good Balance Bike

If you are going to buy your kid a balance bike, you should know what matters and what does not. With the right balance bike, your kid can learn to ride more easily. Moreover, these bikes make your child confident enough to steer. Make sure you get your kid the right bike for the first time. Below are a few things that your first bike should absolutely have.

How high the seat of the bike should be?

Well, as a general rule, you should keep in mind that the bike height below your child’s seam has to be between 1 and 1.5 inches. How can you get this measurement? One easy way is to pinch a book between your kid’s legs raising it to their crotch until it is parallel to the floor. Now, you can easily measure how high the bike top is from the ground.

What should be the size of the bike tires?

You will find that most of the tires are between 10 to 20 inches in size. For a start, we suggest that you stick to the 12-inch ones, especially tires made of plastic and rubber. Aside from this, most people prefer foam and pneumatic types. The great thing about them is that they give maximum cushion as well as traction.

Rubber, foam and plastic tires are lightweight and don’t puncture very easily. However, they are not ideal for all types of terrains.

How heavy the bike should be?

Generally, make sure the bike doesn’t weigh more than your kid does. As a general rule, you may want to go for a bike that is about your kid’s weight. Fortunately, the majority of bikes sold out there are lightweight and hence they are a good choice for most toddlers and preschoolers. Preferably, you can take your kid with you to the store and let them try different bikes. This can help you choose the best bike.

Are breaks important?

While your kid’s bike won’t need to have brakes, opting for a bike with brakes is a good idea. The brakes should be designed in accordance to the height of your kid. Having brakes on the bike will allow your kid to stop or slow down the bike without ruining the bottom of their shoes. This will also help them handle the bike more easily preventing injuries. So, this is an extra but useful feature that your kid’s bike should have.

What do you think about turning limiters?

Again, they are not a must-have feature when buying a balance bike. However, the function of turning limiters is to prevent the bike handle from turning backwards. So, when riding, the bike won’t take sharp turns. Sharp turns are dangerous and make the bike go out of control at times. As far as riding experience goes, turning limiters don’t help much, but they do cut down on the turning radius of the bike.

If you are going to opt for a good balance bike, these tips may help you.

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