KRE-O Star Trek Klingon Starfleet Attack Review

The Klingon Starfleet Attack Set is an exclusive to Toys”R”Us and it’s toy distributors. It is a two in one set. You get two Ships and 8 kreons. They have great facial features, and you can tell who they are just by looking at them.

It is recommended for children from 9 years to 14 but they are easy enough for adults to build as well.

The kreons are Kirk, Spock, Dr McCoy or Bones, Sulu, Chekov and 3 Klingons. Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Chekov each have their own little chrome phasers, McCoy has a medical tri-cor. Two of the Klingons have a Disruptor gun, and the 3rd has a Bat’leth. One Klingon looks like an admiral as he is wearing a different uniform.

The picture on the box looks like the two ships are in the Kobayashi Maru simulator. I think it really looks cool.

The Klingon ships comes with about 285 building blocks and is not as complex as the USS Enterprise. The gull-wing shape of the Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser is excellent and it has a light-up photon torpedo launcher.

You get battle damage stickers to go on your ship, but I would not put it on the Klingon ship, the stickers have a white background and stands out.

The stickers for the wings of the D-7 look good. Along with the sticker you get a penlight battery for the light-up feature.

The instruction booklet has a photo step by step guide. This helps a lot if you are building for the first time. There are 75 steps to follow. A few steps than the USS Enterprise, but as I said it is not as complex.

My only problem with the Klingon ship was that the landing gear is too short. This has the wings being on the on the surface. You might not care about this but if you do I suggest putting an extra block of the same size in there. I had black blocks so I used that, The wings are now as they should be (for me).

In the front you can put two Klingons, in the rear you can put the other one. On the ends of the wings, each wing has a missile with a press button to launch the missiles. It does not fire far but the children will like it.

The USS Enterprise has a lid on bridge that comes off. It is not hinged so you take it right off. On the inside you have the captain’s chair, a screen that flips up and down, so you can close it, the console, the navigation chair and more.

You can fit all the Starfleet kreons that come with it, in there. It really does have a lot of detail on the bridge. The nacelles have a flip top, inside is engine parts that you can see.

It has light up features and requires 3 tipple a batteries that are not included. It looks awesome in the dark with the lights on. It has 432 building blocks. You get 4 photon missiles, that can be launched and travel a little further than the Klingon D-7 missiles.

You can put on the battle damage stickers on the USS as it is white, and it looks fine. I have heard that they are bringing out the set with translucent stickers.

This set is great as starter kit and if you do not have the USS Enterprise I would suggest you get this set. The figures with the USS Enterprise have only Kirk, Spock and Dr McCoy and two specialists. With this set you get Chekov and Sulu with 3 Klingons extra.

Thank you for reading my article, for more products you can go to my Awesome Star Trek Lego post.

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